T8 Integrated LED Tube Light - Linkable & Plug and Play, 10W, 13W, 16W, 18W, 26W, 30W, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft

The T8 LED lamp uses a white LED chip as the light source. The housing of our LED series T8 tube is made of acrylic/aluminum alloy. Because the outer shell is made of a PC tube, SinoStar T8 integrated led tube light series is high temperature resistant up to 135 degrees. Our integrated T8 LED tube lights have the same size and caliber as traditional fluorescent lamps. The fixture of the T8 LED tube is the same as the traditional fluorescent tube and can be replaced directly. As a professional T8 LED fluorescent tube manufacturer, SinoStar Lighting offers high-quality T8 fluorescent tubes at reasonable prices.

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