T8 Radar Sensor LED Tubes

LED T8 tubes with Microwave Sensor 60cm 900cm 1200cm 10W 14W 18W motion radar sensor for the car park, warehouse, supermarket

The Microwave T8 LED tube is an innovative LED tube that offers significantly lower operating costs compared to traditional LED tubes, with savings of up to 90-95 percent. The LED tube uses microwave sensor technology that more accurately monitors and detects motion and turns the tube on when motion is detected. The duty cycle can be manually adjusted so the T8 LED tube automatically turns off or dims by 10 to 20 percent. An integrated light barrier ensures even greater energy savings - the LED tube is not switched on if there is sufficient daylight. If desired, this function can be deactivated.

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Model Power Lumens Color temperature Product Dimensions
SS-T8-MW-10W 10W 1100LM 3000K-6000K D30 *L602MM
SS-T8-MW-14W 14W 1680LM 3000K-6000K D30 *L906MM
SS-T8-MW-18W 18W 2150LM 3000K-6000K D30 *L1212MM

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