SinoStar Lighting manufactures and exports high quality LED lighting products for worldwide customers!

SinoStar Lighting provides full series LED lighting products from Outdoor Luminaires, Indoor Luminaires to Tubes and Bulbs of high quality at a very competitive price.

Superior parts and components from well-known suppliers like Cree, Philips, Osram, Mean Well and EPISTAR are used to build our LED lighting products to achieve high performance, amazing stability, long lasting lifespan, and improve your ROI.

Also, the sophisticated optical lens with various beam angles makes the products works in various application professionally without changing the fixture.  OEM and ODM orders are acceptable for all the models, even you can order the SKD or CKD kits to build your own lights. 

After years' study and experience with our large customer base, we are proud to bring you all the lighting products for the new installation, retrofit work, DIY, or even ESPC projects.

We hope that you enjoy using our products and keep you and your customer happy all the time in a profitable way! 

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LED Tubes & Bulbs

Indoor Luminaires

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Smart Lighting and Controls

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