SKD and CKD order

SKD and CKD order

We provide a full range of SKD and CKD parts together with assembling guidance to make your work easy to take off.

A larger number of original design with private molds are for your choice, you can build your own lights in your assembling lines.  We also provide a customized design for the mold of the aluminum die-casted part, extrusion part, plastic part, aluminum PCBs, drivers, etc.


Aluminum T Shape Bulb
Mushroom Bulb
High Power Plastic T Shape Bulb
Slim Round LED Panel Light
Slim Square LED Panel Light
Surface Mount Square Panel Light
Square Trimless Panel Light
Round Trimless Panel Light
Bulkhead Light
Down Light - SMD LED
Down Light-COB LED
Slim Flood Light
Slim Flood Light with DOB
Low Bay Light
UFO Hight Bay Light

Please send your requirement with detailed information and we will reply you with our best quotation immediately.


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