SinoStar is a China manufacturer and supplier of LED light parts, components and materials in SKD and CKD.

LED, PCB Boards, Drivers, Aluminum Housing, PC lens, Connectors and Cables, Colour Boxes, and Cartons 

Full set of parts and materials for LED bulbs, LED floodlights, LED High bay lights, LED panel lights, LED street lights, LED track lights, LED downlights and many more.

Also, we offer custom design for LED lights housing, driver design, PC/PMMA lens design for new product development, and the basis on the existing products.  We are able to design the plastic injection molds, aluminum extrusion molds, aluminum die casting molds, aluminum heat sink cold forging molds, and 3D printing testing samples

A larger number of the original designs with private molds are for your choice, you can build your own lights in your assembling lines.  We also provide a customized design for the mold of the aluminum die-casted part, extrusion part, plastic part, aluminum PCBs, drivers, etc.

Aluminium T Shape Bulb SKD and CKD Parts
Aluminium T Shape Bulb SKD and CKD Parts

A shape, T shape, R shape bulbs: We provide the full set of SKD (Semi Knock Down) or CKD (Complet Knock Down) parts and components to your build the LED products at your own factory.  Parts include PC cover, SMT LED PCB, Aluminum housing/Plastic housing, IC LED driver /DOB (Driver on Board), Base (E26/E27/B22/E14/E12/E40), Wires, etc.

Round LED Panel Light SKD and CKD Parts
Round LED Panel Light SKD and CKD Parts

We also provide LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED track lights, LED tube lights SKD, and CKD parts. Also, we provide customized designs to meet your special requirement, like driver type and LED brightness with different brands.  We can make special heat sinks and IP rating, waterproof features as well.

LED Slim Flood Light SKD and CKD Parts
LED Slim Flood Light SKD and CKD Parts

We provide the full range of LED outdoor lighting SKD and CKD parts to worldwide markets, including LED floodlights, LED street lights, LED shoebox lights, LED canopy lights, LED stadium lights, LED tennis court lights, etc. We provide the full set of parts and you can just buy any parts from aluminum housing, glass cover, SMD aluminum PCB, drivers, cables, and even single LEDs.  Also, special designs are welcomed. 

UFO High Bay Light SKD and CKD Parts
UFO High Bay Light SKD and CKD Parts

We provide full series of industrial light fixtures, housing, driver, PCB, LED, and sensors for LED high bay lights, LED troffers, LED panel lights, tri-proof lights, linear high bay lights, and many other types of lights.  We own most of the product's housing molds and we can develop good new molds and customized shapes and appearances for your requirement.

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Please contact us today for the price list and quotation to build your own LED lights and bulbs with our high quality parts and materials.

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