LED Grow Light Quantum Board For Indoor Plant 110W, 220W, 320W, 450W, 600W Samsung LED, Mean Well Driver, Dimmable, Full Spectrum

dimming quantum board LED grow light 600W 700W 500w lm301b samsung sinostar lighting 2

A series of LED grow lights designed for greenhouse and vertical farming applications is available from SinoStar. By stimulating photosynthesis with the full spectrum of light (380nm-800nm, 3000K, 5000K), far-red 660nm, and infrared 750nm, plants are able to grow healthier and more balanced. Its IP65 waterproof rating makes it suitable for hydroponic cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, commercial cultivation projects, etc. Using this horticultural lighting system you will be able to drastically reduce costs.

Features of LED Quantum Board Grow Lights:

1. An optional Samsung LM301H LED with high efficiency of 2.9 umol/J is available.
2. White light for more straightforward observation by growers.
3. Plant growth formula based on experimental data.
4. Perfect performance during the veg and bloom stages.
5. Dimmable Power Supply included.
6. Input Voltage: 100~277VAC, PF>0.98.
7. Light switch Daisy Chain Multi-connection up 12 lights.


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