Vertical Solar Street Light

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The vertical solar led street light was an innovation in 2019. Compared with a regular solar street light, it has a beautiful appearance with an aesthetic design. The complete pole is composed of 3 parts only, including a solar module, solar led light head, and hot galvanized pole.

The installation is straightforward: the light head and solar modules are connected by MC4 connectors, which have a stable connection. Each vertical solar module is mounted to pole easily pole by 12pcs of screws. It has a much excellent wind-resistant performance than regular solar led street light, which has a big solar panel over the pole.

Vertical solar led street light will play a big role in outdoor lighting in the coming years. 




Detachable Design

This solar cylinder module is based on a modular design concept for easy installation and disassembly. It can be quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole.

360° Full Day Charging

6 slim solar panels are fixed tightly on a hexagon frame, ensuring 50% of solar panels will face sunshine at any time in the day. Solar cell efficiency is up to 21.2%. 

Better Wind Resistance

The cylindrical design reduces the wind resistance area, and each module is directly fastened to the pole by 12 screws for better wind resistance. It can stand well against even a 10-grade typhoon.

No Snow Covering

Solar cylinder modular mounted in vertical is not easy to be covered by snow as a regular solar panel. Ensure enough power can be generated even in a very challenging climate. Never worry blackout.

Much More Convenient to Clean

Much less dust will fall and stay on the surface than a regular solar panel. It can be cleaned easily while standing on the ground with a long handle brush. Lift not needed and much less maintenance cost.

Aesthetic Appearance

Compared with solar panels, the solar cylinder module is designed and can harmonize the light poles well, making the street light look more esthetic and making the city road in fashion.


Model SS-C-20W SS-C-30W SS-C-50W SS-C-60W SS-C-80W SS-C-100W
LED power 20W 30W 50W 60W 80W 100W
Luminous flux >2,800lm >4,500lm >7,200lm >8,800lm >10,800lm >12,800lm
Power of solar module 140W 200W 280W 420W 560W 700W
Vertical solar module Q140 1pc Q100 2pcs Q140 2pcs Q140 3pcs Q140 4pcs Q140 5pcs
Battery capacity 12.8V 230WH 12.8V 307WH 12.8V 500WH 25.6V 666WH 25.6V 832WH 25.6V 1000WH
System voltage 12V - MPPT 12V - MPPT 12V - MPPT 24V - MPPT 24V - MPPT 24V - MPPT
Pole height 5 meters 6 meters 8 meters 8 meters 10 meters 12 meters
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 5 years 5 years 5 years

Specification(Solar Cylinder Module Only)

 50w 80w solar street light with cylinder solar modular Model Q100 Q140
Housing  Aluminum
Dimension 228*200*1160mm 228*200*1560mm
Pmax 100W 140W
Vmp  18V 36V 18V 36V
Imp 5.56A 2.88A  7.78A  3.89A
Cell type Monocrystalline 
Solar Cell Efficiency 21.20%
Cable Lenght 0.6 Meter with MC4 Connector
Operating Temp. -30℃ ~ +70℃
Lifetime 25 Years
N.W. / G.W. 14.70kg / 16.80kg 21.50kg / 22.80kg
Warranty 5 years

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